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Smoking Redd's Heels, Oil,& a... by slaughterj79

Length 11:49
Part 2: Smoking Redd Hit me with this clip looking sexier than I have ever seen her!! Enjoy as she allows you to worship at her heels as she crosses and uncrosses those sexy oiled legs of hers. They look so smooth and delicious - don't you wish you could touch???? Enjoy as she has a nice smoke while flexing in her sexy outfit. Those nine inch heels complimented by the sexy miniskirt just make those legs look even sexier!! Then Enjoy her smoke tricks as well. She stands up even to allow you take it in full perspective. Then she gets down to your level to blow smoke in your face while also kicking her heels in the background. In the end enjoy as she shakes her cute ass and thighs.
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