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Eating & Digesting My Nosy Neighbor by MissMinaBBW

Length 7:44
I finally caught my nosy neighbor and got her right where I want her. I explain how Iām an extremely private person and sheās extremely nosy and needs to get some business of her own. Sheās always snooping around my windows, hovering around my mailbox, always around when I am. I then tell her what her punishment will be. I put my eating gloves on & get ready to gobble her up. I pop her in my hungry watering mouth & start chewing, she fights back by biting me. I scold her then throw her back in my mouth & down the hatch to finish my meal. I burp and get some indigestion. I hate it when my food fights back. I might need an antacid after. After I chew her up & swallow her down in big gulps I grab, squeeze & rub my big bbw giantess belly to help digest my meal. I get horny from doing that and my fat pussy gets wet so I start to masturbate. I moan while rubbing my hard clit & finger fucking my horny giant pussy. I lick my giantess juices off my fat fingers. You taste so good. Now youāre a part of me forever and ever and ever! She wasnāt the first or the last. But this is what happens to nosy neighbors who donāt stay out of my business. Keywords: BBW, giant, giantess, macrophilia, macrophile, amazon, growth fetish, big woman, big beautiful woman, eat, eating, vore, digest, digesting, indigestion, POV, chew, chewing, yoga pants, bra, eye glasses, glasses, walk, walking, talk, talking, gloves, satin gloves, glove fetish, fantasy, role-play, role play, belly, belly fetish, belly rubbing, belly grabbing, belly squeezing, fat tummy, big stomach, big belly, bbw belly, fat, swallow, swallowing, bite, biting, gulp, burp, burping, burp fetish, wet pussy, pussy, bbw pussy, fat pussy, big pussy, hairy bush, hairy pussy, masturbate, masturbation, masturbating, goddess, bbw goddess, pussy masturbation, solo masturbation, fingering, finger, finger fetish, finger fucking, finger licking, finger sucking, solo model, amateur, mature, curvy, curves, chubby, plus size, plus sized, big legs, leg spreading, pussy spreading, big thighs, thick, thick woman, thick thighs, miss mina, mina luciano, godmotherofass, god mother of ass
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