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Horny Patient Sponge Bath by MissMinaBBW

Length 13:29
I seriously dread giving Mr Johnson his daily bath. Some patients are easy to deal with. Not Mr. Johnson. He hates taking baths & I have to give them to him since he has had surgery and canāt reach all of the spots needed to get clean. Every time I give Mr. Johnson a sponge bath, his dick gets hard when I wash it. I am very thorough and ocd about personal hygiene. I had to really scrub his dirty dick & balls they were so dirty. My hands get tired from washing him and I unbutton my nurses uniform put soap and water all over my bbw tits and start washing his rock hard cock. I moan and love the way his erect pecker feels between my big soft breasts. While scrubbing him up he not only got hard a few times but he came all over my hands several times. Semen kept oozing out of his extremely erect penis. I had to keep starting the cleaning process all over again because he made a mess and got it everywhere. Ugh! I try to get the job done and distract myself by asking him what type of surgery he had. He says he has had this experimental penile surgery to make him erect indefinitely and cum all the time. But he has no control over it. I tell him I might want my husband to get some surgery like this. I notice the time. Iām running late to give my next patientās sponge bath. I like being punctual. I tell him I will be back to finish his sponge bath after Iām done with the next patient. When I get back Iām going to sit on his big hard dick and wash his cock by squirting on it. Iām sure patient Johnson wonāt mind. I am his favorite nurse. Keywords: bbw, nurse, costume, uniform, nurses uniform, cosplay, wet, bath, soap, suds, bubbles, fetish, sponge, sponge fetish, tit fuck, titty fuck, tit fucking, tit fucking, hand job, jerkoff, jerk off, jerking off, hand job, bbw hand job, role play, roleplay, patient, latex gloves, gloves, glove fetish, ejaculation, ejaculating dildo, pov, medical, medical fetish, horny patient, bath, wash, washing, curvy, curves, chubby, fat, sexy, amateur, mature, dildo, realistic dildo, miss mina, mina luciano, godmotherofass, godmother of ass
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